May I Cry ?

May I cry?

Kata-kata pertama yang berkerumun di dalam benak. Padahal tadi sebelum ini mood saya bisa dibilang sangat amat bagus, karena saya punya ambisi baru (lagi). Tapi setelah itu, dan sekarang… I’m feeling blue. I really wanna cry. Benar-benar tidak ada mood untuk melakukan beberapa hal bermanfaat sembari menghabiskan malam. Sampai lahirlah secarik … bisa dikatakan surat, tapi terdampar di blog saya saja.

My dearest friend, I don’t know what’s in your mind. I can’t imagine what are you thinking about. And I don’t know who is your target now, for who you say that kind of words. Is that me? … If that words are surely for me, I just can say that I am sad. Really sad. I can’t say anything words except that, because my  mind was empty now. I am thinking about what I’ve done to you so you can say that words to me. It really like to kill me, with that words, do you know? Our togetherness for few years, I really granted you as a treasure I have. Many happy things we shared together, watching, eat, shopping, … and I happy with it. There is no braveness left in me to ask you ‘who are the person in your statement?’ …  If it is really me, when I try to against you? I never have a think to do such of that kind of thing, you should know me in that case. I never and ever against you because you’re too precious for me. All this time I did, is just waiting for your action. I’m afraid if I really hurt you even it’s just a little.

You’re one of my best friend, one of the best thing, the best harmonious  friend, and I never thought of losing it.


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