Design Book Collection

I study on Graphic Design majors, of course I have some design books. On the 1st semester, my lecturer tell us to buy Color Harmony but I didn’t buy it because I fell it won’t be too useful.

On the next semester (2nd semester), I got typography class and the lecturer come to tell us to buy 2 books. One books we can get on Gramedia Bookstore, and the other one we only can get it from university (because I heard that the writer / creator of that book was our beautiful lecturer, hoho).

The black and orange color from the right is 2 books that I bought on that semester. It cost only 10$.

On the 3rd semester I got DKV3 that learn about layout. It is REALLY difficult from me. Hiks. Actually there are 2 recommended books for this semester. One of them is about layout and one another is about logo. But (again) I think one of them, that is layout book, is more useful for me so I just buy the layout book in the book store. It is the red one. So I have three design books (FYI: It is local, we must be really proud.)

Oh yeah, I got history too and the lecturer suggest us to buy a book. But it’s too expensive, so I didn’t buy it. It cost 30$. It can found in few bookstore, for example Times Bookstores.

On the 4th semester, I got DKV4 about packaging design. And this is my last collection till now. That is packaging design book, it is the first from the left. It cost about 7,8$ (if I’m not forget.)


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