Learning HTML

Today is my first class on the 5th semester. For the first step, we learned about HTML, the basic web (if I’m not wrong, hehe… ) for New Media 1, DKV Binus University year 2008.

My lecturer were really cool, because they have many experiences on this subject. They are Miss Filyna, Mr. Danu, Mr. Nunun, and Mr. James. (I hope we can help each other, because I really excited and also confused about this subject but I really love it)

This is my first time on using this software, too. Because if I remembered about my last lesson on high school, my last task was webpage-design. It sounds really old, isn’t it? But when I using it I feel like I really happy. This time we use notepad (on Windows) or text edit (on Mac). I already using notepad before, but it isn’t for make coding, but I just using it to writing something. Maybe, I guess I really cruel to use such a technology-full thing just for writing, hehe.

I learn before in class and I’m trying to make one for myself, my own task in home. This is I can make for a few hours. I am sorry if it is really easy. (Sorry for using anyone’s image for testing)

Experience on using HTML


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