In the dictionary, I got that Thesaurus is a book of synonyms (two or more words that have the same meaning.) Thesaurus often including related works that have almost the same thing. Some thesauri also include a list hiponim (sub-sections, such as “rose” is hiponim of interest) that is often used, and antonyms (words that have two opposite meanings.)

For example, by searching the word “great” in a thesaurus, someone will find other similar words such as “highway”, “great”, etc.. If a thesaurus also has a list of antonyms, one can also find a word that means the opposite, such as “small”.

In my study, I got a subject called DKV4. In this 5th semester we will play around and explore deeper about design, so not just its design that wonderful but the meaning inside. In the first meeting students are invited to make ourselves sign. So we must brainstorming in the first step to found thesaurus and all related the five points of our life’s value.


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