Precious Thing

What is the precious thing in the whole world? Is it diamond or money? Having a rich and handsome husband or/ having a supermodel wife’s? Spending a lot of times on other country and get many gifts for your friends?

There nothing such a precious thing more than yourself.

You’re the diamond. You are the gift from heaven.

When you have already know about how to love and be loved, sometimes each other has a lot of lacks. Maybe not too handsome or/ beautiful, not to rich to always pay your spending, doesn’t have a Lamborghini to take you tour when you have date, or maybe each other feel that he/she isn’t enough to have just one relationship.

First, you will feel that you are the wrong one, you are the trash and useless. You will do whatever to get back yours, even you will die. But then, when you spend just a little bit more moment, you will consider and just like have a “click” on one statement; “You’re too precious to just sit down, lay down, even bow something that (actually) doesn’t fix with you. You are too precious to waste your time with that, because you can start anything new and challenging more. Just realize, that the situation that ever stand with you is a lesson to get a better you and a better future.

So, why are you just sitting down and feeling blue? Come on, stand up, and decide what goals that we want to achieve tomorrow…


Jenny (An Education):

❝ If you never do anything, you never become anyone.❞


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