Capture the Merapi

News about Merapi are also make attention to everyone in the world, not only Indonesia. If in Indonesia we have already see about the Merapi’s documentation, there is an interesting one that I share. I found an interesting information about photography, via Twitter. You can search petapixel in TWITTER. Or you can open the website petapixel directly. The website is talking about photography stuffs and some other information. In his Twitter, he is Michael Zhang and he explain that “petapixel’s web is a photography blog for the Web 2.0 generation. We also tweet the tastiest photo and art related links on the web!”

And that is what I mean. I am interesting about photo and art and I also suggest you to follow petapixel and you can get many great photograph and art references or inspirations belong his account in Twitter. One thing that make me exciting is about Merapi eruption.

You can see the information that framed with red box. (Sorry I  make attention about “Mount Merapi’s worst eruption in a century”)

The information is linked to

And once I open and see it, I am excited because the photos were really great. I live in Indonesia and I have read and see in television about many news about Merapi condition, but I never see such a great pictures like that. Even I feel sad and concerned afterwards.

And again, come on everyone pray for Indonesia.


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