One Day, Poet To Mother


you never know what I want

you also never know what my heart shout


You are such an old lady (more than me),

and the kindest angel I ever have.

A few year ago, I think that there is someone better than you,

someone that also know me more,

someone that also know when I’m starring something


it is all wrong

yes, I’m wrong

I never know what your heart feel,

I never know what do you want for me in the future

and then I realize that you’re everything to me,

more than myself though.

I never talk to you, so you don’t know what I want

and I never trust you before that you are really believe me in everything I do,

I never let you in to my heart.

I’m really sorry, my best angel, I see that I’m almost see you wrong

but now

I promise that I will keep you in my heart forever.

Now I want to see you as a woman, a mother and daughter

an ordinary lady and the best angel they’ve got.

I love you, Mom.

Thank you for let me having the best gift in full of my life.


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