One Day, Remember Mother

I almost never see you cry

I never see you feel hurt

I think that I only hurt another person except you, but I don’t know that you’re the most hurt person that because of me, I just realize it now.


She  always feel sad alone, not letting you know, because she doesn’t want to seen as a weak one for you, though she is the one that will beside you till you get older.


[image got random by google, thank you]

You teach me to stand, to walk, to speak, to write, to grab you, to hug you tight, beside me when I sleep, telling me a story before I sleep, kiss my forehead before I’m school, everything to me.

Every sweat you spend is always full of sacrifice, for me to eat, to drink, to study, to grow up, and for this family. You aren’t just an ordinary people, seeing father work work and work, but you lift your shirt sleeves and work what you can. Not just Dec 22 for Mother’s Day, but everyday is your day, Mom. I love you everyday, everytime

I adore you, the most!

Thank you mother… *kiss you mother right now




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