Dream High

It’s all about dream, talent, and a star. Dream High talk so easily with audience with its light story, I think. A school, an art school that make an audition for a new member of their school. Producering by Bae Yong Jun, this story is about how quality and talent speaks above appearance. They who have a true talent will practice here with a real standard and also a qualified practicer.

Hard work, big passion, and true supplies by Kirin Art School,hope that it can make the student train themselves to become a real star, just like Kim Hyun Joong that appear in the 1st episode (as a cameo).

In this case, it shows how attitude influence person, also  talent and passion. Arrogance, low profile, friendly, cooperation attitude, bright attitude, silent, it is compeletely mix in students in this school, although when they aren’t join Kirin Art School audition yet. Are they become a real star in the future? How is far that attitude influence them and each other? And… is the real stage so friendly with them? Watch it

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