Hello Tumblr

I’ve make a tumblr account ! 🙂 Yey, I’d like to share my likeness there. It is about my likeness for fashion and drama, and my usually life that also inspirative (I hope so).

If you have some times, maybe for the next week or month, you can take a look for it (now it just posted 2 new post, haha. You can visit when it is more post, hehe) 😀


Mom, My Precious One

Ibu. Tidak ada yang tahu bagaimana isi hati mereka sendiri, kecuali diri mereka sendiri. Bagaimana mau tahu, bila kita selalu sibuk dengan kegiatan kita sendiri padahal ia di rumah tengah menanti kita untuk mengajak kita makan bersamanya. Tidak ada ibu sebaik ibu yang kau miliki. Tidak ada wanita terbaik yang selalu mendampingimu setiap hela nafas hidupmu, kecuali ibumu sendiri. Wanita mana yang rela memberikan jatah makannya pada kita, memberikan nasi baru dan bukan nasi sisa semalam untuk kita santap, menjahitkan pakaian yang kita inginkan agar kita senang, makan makanan sisa semalam yang jelas-jelas kandungan nutrisinya telah berkurang banyak padahal… ia juga butuh nutrisi, bukan? Ya, selain ibumu sendiri, tidak ada yang sebaik itu memperlakukanmu. Bukan ia anggap kau sebagai anak mereka, melainkan sebagai putri mereka yang paling mereka agungkan. Ia tidak ingin terlihat sebagai yang terbaik, tapi ia melakukan yang terbaik untuk kita dan menjadikan kita yang terbaik bagi dunia. Kurang baik apa mereka?

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Mother. No one knows how their own heart’s except themselves. How do we want to know, if we are always busy with our own activities at home when she was waiting for us to invite us to eat with her. No one good mother as mother you have. There is no best woman who was always there for each breath of life, except your own mother. Which women who are willing to give us her portion of food, providing new rice instead of rice for the rest of the night we eat, sewed clothes that we want for our happiness, eating leftovers last night that clearly nutritional content has been reduced a lot but … she also needs nutrients, isn’t it? Yes, besides your own mother, nothing is as good as it treats. Not she regarded you as their child, but as their precious daughter they most respectable. She does not want to be seen as the best, but she is doing the best for us and make us the best for the world. Less good are they?

One Day, Remember Mother

I almost never see you cry

I never see you feel hurt

I think that I only hurt another person except you, but I don’t know that you’re the most hurt person that because of me, I just realize it now.


She  always feel sad alone, not letting you know, because she doesn’t want to seen as a weak one for you, though she is the one that will beside you till you get older.


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You teach me to stand, to walk, to speak, to write, to grab you, to hug you tight, beside me when I sleep, telling me a story before I sleep, kiss my forehead before I’m school, everything to me.

Every sweat you spend is always full of sacrifice, for me to eat, to drink, to study, to grow up, and for this family. You aren’t just an ordinary people, seeing father work work and work, but you lift your shirt sleeves and work what you can. Not just Dec 22 for Mother’s Day, but everyday is your day, Mom. I love you everyday, everytime

I adore you, the most!

Thank you mother… *kiss you mother right now



One Day, Poet To Mother


you never know what I want

you also never know what my heart shout


You are such an old lady (more than me),

and the kindest angel I ever have.

A few year ago, I think that there is someone better than you,

someone that also know me more,

someone that also know when I’m starring something


it is all wrong

yes, I’m wrong

I never know what your heart feel,

I never know what do you want for me in the future

and then I realize that you’re everything to me,

more than myself though.

I never talk to you, so you don’t know what I want

and I never trust you before that you are really believe me in everything I do,

I never let you in to my heart.

I’m really sorry, my best angel, I see that I’m almost see you wrong

but now

I promise that I will keep you in my heart forever.

Now I want to see you as a woman, a mother and daughter

an ordinary lady and the best angel they’ve got.

I love you, Mom.

Thank you for let me having the best gift in full of my life.